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Glorious carpet of bluebells, Dockey Woo
Intriguing path through the Bluebells, D
Bluebells at Dockey Woods with Tree Cath
2,1.Watergardens in Dorset

Stunning imitation of Monet's bridge at Giverney in Bennett's water Garden, Weymouth.

2,2 Pink waterlilies.

Pink waterlilies at Bennett's Garden, Weymouth.

2,3 Single Ivory White Waterlily

Single Waterlily at Bennett's Garden, Weymouth.

2,4 Stunning single pink lily.

Single pink lily at Bennett's water garden, Weymouth.

2, 5 Waterlilies with reflection.

Monet's inspiration, lilies on water reflecting the light.

2,6 Silver Flugel and white rose

Cards, canvases or posters of this beautiful misty white rose and Yamaha silver flugelhorn, reflected on a Yamaha GB1 piano.

2,7 Red rose and silver cornet

Romanric red rose and silver cornet reflected on a Yamaha GB1 baby grand piano.

2,8 Flugel with a misty touch.
2,9 Blue brass, montage .
2,10, Salzburg Horses with Fiaker

Beautiful and graceful Salzburg horses resting from their Fiaker pulling duties.

2,11 Seawater and pebbles.
2,12 Purple and jade dragonfly.
2,13 Dragonfly on leaf macro.
2,14 Bay tinted Fiaker ponies.

Stunning Salzburg Fiaker ponies .

2,15 Apple Blossom

The apples will soon be here.

2,16 Divine Daffodils

Daffodils heralding their arrival in style.

2,17, Violet aubrieta

The brightest colour of spring.

2,18, Pink Dahlia

Bright and dandy dahlia.

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