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I am  an artist passionate about painting wildlife, landscapes and sunsets.I  particularly love painting animals and has a passion for bringing my  wildlife portraits to life through my use of colour and fine detail drawing technique. The flap of elephants’ ears, the stripes on a zebra nuzzling its foal, the rustle of a giraffe munching overhead leaves and the flapping of a heron’s wings as it lands are all inspiration for my  nature paintings . These and  many more are brought to life on canvas and paper through acrylic paints, gouache, pastels or watercolours, using vibrant colours and textures to  bring my subjects to life. Sunsets, flora and fauna in addition to the sea and sky make a huge impact on me as an artist and my passion to reflect and portray what I  have seen in real life  resonates within until a painting is completed.

I  began my passion for painting and pastels as child and teenager, studying art at school.  I returned to that passion after years of a career in teaching languages and bringing up a family and now exhibit in local exhibitions and shops and take commissions of pets and animal portraits. There is always a list of  yet unpainted subjects ruminating within me, waiting  to find themselves on my next canvas or pastelmat paper and this excitement and their subsequent completion is one of the driving forces of my life. I am inspied by by grandmother ,Mabel Sutton, who painted with oils, by Vincent Van Gogh and by the modern artist Leonid Afremov for their use of vibrant colour.